If You’re Pro-Choice, the Selling of Baby Body Parts Shouldn’t Bother You

When I write, I generally try to put my emotions aside. I strive to be calm and reasoned, but right now, I am filled with many emotions. I am angry. I am disgusted. I am filled with sorrow. This is not to say that I have abandoned reason or reality, in fact, I think it is because I am a rational human being with a conscience that I am, and all of us should be, disgusted. We should be disgusted because, as this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jIoOY2n9kw showed, babies are being murdered and their body parts are being sold for money.

We all know, despite the fanciest arguments and talk of bodily autonomy, that babies in the womb are just as much babies as babies outside the womb. We know it. It just isn’t very convenient to know it. We don’t like that we know it. It’s easier not to know it so we pretend that we don’t until a video like this one comes along and reminds us of the truth we’ve suppressed: that abortion is murder and the people who do it are callous, ruthless people who will do just about anything for money, such as dismembering babies and selling the leftovers to the highest bidder.

How have we gotten to a place in our nation where it is a cardinal sin to even disagree with the practice of homosexuality, but the murder of babies is business as usual? How is it a legal offense to decline someone a cake, but the slaughter of unborn children is a legally protected practice? Are our consciences so calloused? Yes, they are. We should be outraged, but we’re not. Why? Because if you sit in the pig pen long enough, what you thought smelled like crap eventually starts to smell like roses.

I’m not even going to try to go through all the pro-life arguments. I’m not going to try to reason because reason and truth and moral sensitivity have clearly been thrown out the window. As the scripture says, we have traded the truth of God for a lie and so, our thinking has become futile and our foolish hearts have been darkened (Romans 1:21). Reason and truth don’t do much for a darkened heart and a seared conscience.

But I will make one point. If you’re pro-choice, this video of this lady nonchalantly talking about the strategic dismemberment and selling of baby bodies, shouldn’t upset you. The logic of abortion treats unborn children as products to be rejected and disposed of at will. This lady is doing nothing more than living that out. Why not make a little extra cash, right? If, however, the bartering of murdered babies does make you, say, a little uncomfortable, you might want to rethink being pro-choice. Because if it’s not a baby, if it’s just tissue, you shouldn’t be repulsed at all. What’s left of your conscience shouldn’t be troubled. You shouldn’t really care. Unless it was a bald eagle egg. Then this would be truly horrific. Because those are endangered and precious and legally protected. But unborn children? Eh, they’re a dime a dozen. Or $30-$100 a head as this lady obviously knows so well. After all, they probably paid for her salad.


29 thoughts on “If You’re Pro-Choice, the Selling of Baby Body Parts Shouldn’t Bother You

  1. greatmom55 says:

    For someone who professes to steer clear of “controversial topics,” you certainly do love to pontificate on them. I believe underneath your self-righteousness you simply want to start arguments and you take some kind of warped pleasure in the heated debates you are able to stir up on this website, under the guise of doing God’s will. I’m not your mother, but if I were, I would gently advise you to redirect your energy in a more positive way. And until you’ve walked in the shoes of a pregnant rape victim, or a pregnant 12 year old who was molested by a family member, perhaps you should temper your words with a little compassion. Selling “baby parts,” as you put it, is certainly revolting; however, a woman’s right to choose should be better her and her doctor and you, my dear, have no right to participate in that decision. Good luck to you.

    • Bucco Fan says:

      NO Mam. Abortion is killing. It’s murder. Regardless of the tragic way some people become pregnant (less than 1% of abortions btw) two wrongs do NOT make a right. Abortion by the way is NOT controversial. It is murder and it’s wrong. I feel sorry for those that believe the lie culture has spoon fed them. This blogger is speaking the Truth. Perhaps those uncomfortable with it should think it through logically and STOP the lie.

    • Traveller says:

      Where to begin.

      1. You ASSUME the only motivation that one could possibly have for writing on this subject is to be controversial.
      Let me give you another angle to consider the authors motivations. Lets use a scenario. Its the 1820’s in alabama and a group of people in your town have hung a slave for stealing a loaf of bread because he was starving. You would be horrified by this (I will kindly assume) despite the vast majority of your state believing its OK. If you could educate your neighbors, your friends… Everyone around you how wrong that it is to kill slaves, would you try? Would you use whatever voice, whatever medium you had to communicate how wrongs it is to kill a slave? Wouldn’t you try to convince them that slaves are people just like them and deserved to be treated as people?

      My guess is that is what the author is what the author is doing. She believes that a fetus/baby is a person, and if you believed that fetuses were people too, would you not try to convince others that killing them is wrong as well?

      But your basic assumption is that abortion is not murder (that a fetus is not a person, because if it is they have rights under the law). Which if that assumption were true, you would be correct, there would be no need to jump into the conversation, no need to intervene in someone else’s private matters, no need to make a blog post to try to influence others of your view and anyone who dared to do those things would just be trolls.

      Just remember that the slave owners probably would agree with you that people just need to but out of their personal business since they believed that slaves were not really “people” either. Just because a government defines someone as not a peraon, that does not make them right. We should look to other sources for the answer (such as science).

      However if the author is right and the fetus is a person, then the discussion should really be between the woman, the doctor and the baby… And just like every person, I bet that baby wants a shot at life.

      2. You mention the horrible situations that some people go through. And there are horrible situations, however you follow up that the author cannot speak on these subjects because they have not been in their shoes… Well were you all for getting rid of Kony a few years ago when that was popular on Facebook? Are you against people who kidnap young boys in Africa and turn them into child soldiers that murder innocent people? Are you against people selling heroine and method?
      But how can you be against those things if you have never been in those drug dealers shoes, or in an Africans shoes?
      Some things are just evil and horrible. And you don’t have to be a part of the situation to know the right choice. If a fetus is a baby, you don’t have to be in the mother’s shoes to say abortion is bad and to try to stop it.

    • ashley says:

      Until you walk in the shoes of a mother who chose life, even if she couldn’t keep her child. A mother who gave her very much alive baby a chance to live a full life. A mother who would never change anything even though it took sacrafice. OR a mother who could not have a baby of her own but is a mother because someone chose life. Until you have walked in those shoes your argument is one sided and ignorant. Also, to say that the mother was rapped or could not raise a baby is saying her life us more valuable than that of an innocent child. And of you were the writers mother and you encouraged her to not write on topics that are important to her, even if they are unpopular than you would not be a good mother. I hope my children take stands and stand firm on them even if it is jot popular opinion.

    • Adam says:

      Why is selling baby parts “revolting” but sucking a baby’s brain out of its skull not revolting? Or, maybe an earlier term abortion is still a “reproductive rights” matter? No matter. If taking a life is permitted, why would to you care what happens to the body parts? The baby just becomes an “organ donor.” On the other hand, If it’s not a baby or “viable” life form, if it’s just a clump of cells or something, then why is it revolting? There is no reason for you to care one way or another.

      Bottom line is, on a pro-choice view, you have no warrant to make
      any objection to the trafficking of dead baby parts.

      As an aside, if you had a daughter who stood for truth and life, who wrote with the clear intent of communicating the love of Christ, your reaction should be one of pride. There is no more positive way to channel energy.

      • boomslang says:

        “Why is selling baby parts ‘revolting’ but sucking a baby’s brain out of its skull not revolting?”

        I can’t speak for her, but I think she was alluding to the descriptive language that’s being used. IOW, the way that people show something that they’re opposed to in the worst possible light…e.g…”baby parts”(as opposed to “organs”).

        “if you had a daughter who stood for truth and life, who wrote with the clear intent of communicating the love of Christ, your reaction should be one of pride.”

        I thought “pride” was a bad thing? But regardless, if my daughter stood for things such as “truth” and “life”, I’d find that commendable. On the other hand, if we’re talking something more than just our personal truths, I must add that I’d expect her to be able to demonstrate that she was in possession of such “Truth”, especially if it involved telling others how they should live their lives.

        As for standing for “life”, again, commendable, but I’d expect that to go well beyond the earliest stages of life. If not, one isn’t standing for “life”; one is merely standing for “birth”.

    • emmaschuch says:

      “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” -Deitrich Bonhoeffer

      I don’t write out of some twisted pleasure. I write because someday I will stand before God and I don’t want to have to explain why I sat silently by as millions were murdered.

      • greatmom55 says:

        Then I will leave it to you to explain to God why you felt entitled to the arrogance of self-righteousness and judgment…equally as evil in the eyes of God.

      • greatmom55 says:

        I am new to your website, so may have missed these, but have you written similar posts regarding the civil wars and murders of thousands in Syria and Somalia? The starvation of thousands of children every day in third world countries and even here at home? Are you fighting for those sold into human trafficking and prostitution? If you have and you are, then I salute you. However, you cannot proclaim self-righteousness in one arena while neglecting even one other, for if you will answer for one, you will answer for all, if, as you say, saying nothing is tantamount to doing nothing. Or do those other topics not garner as much attention for you in the fundamentalist evangelical world?

    • Steven says:

      Rape and incest make up less then 1% of all abortion cases. Good example.

      • greatmom55 says:

        If your child or wife was in that 1%, you would not trivialize it.

      • boomslang says:

        “Rape and incest make up less then 1% of all abortion cases. Good example.”

        If we’re going to talk statistics, then fair enough, but let’s then take a comprehensive look at things if we’re going to do so.

        Okay, what about stillborn babies and miscarriages, the latter of which makes up roughly 20% of all pregnancies? Yes, take the number of “all abortion cases”, and surely that number is a drop in the bucket compared to terminated pregnancies due to miscarriages. And if there is no randomness in nature and everything is by “design” or according to “Plan”, then those theists who are “pro-life” have some explaining to do.

    • mamabunny says:

      After reading your comment and thinking it over, I have a question (several, actually) for you. Have YOU ever walked in the shoes of a pregnant rape victim, or a pregnant 12-year-old who was molested by a family member? I’m certain that no woman can possibly wrap her mind or heart around such situations unless she’s walked those immensely difficult journeys. Does the “right to choose” offer these women hope? Peace? Comfort? Is this answer the best you can offer? Another question for you. Have you ever walked in the shoes of a couple who cannot conceive a child? Or seen the elation on the faces of a couple who just brought home a baby they didn’t conceive but love as if they did? Have you ever walked in the shoes of someone who’s given their child a chance at a life they could never give them by allowing adoption to be their choice? It seems that the abortion default has become the easy answer to any difficult pregnancy. Perhaps you should examine the other side with an attitude of understanding as opposed to criticizing the writer of this blog under the guise of “gently advising” her.

      • greatmom55 says:

        Certainly I have not literally walked in the shoes of every woman. I can, however, empathize with all the situations you mentioned. I can feel the pain of having to make the difficult choice, regardless of which side you’re on, because I am a mother. It’s called compassion, my dear, and trying to understand that not everybody is as strong as you’d like them to be. Contrary to that canned advice that “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle,” there are many people who can’t handle what life throws at them — maybe they’re just not as perfect as you are, so how about giving them a little slack? Are you going to be there for the rape victim? Are you going to adopt the baby the 12 year old is forced to have? Are you willing to mentor teenagers and provide them with the education they need to avoid unwanted pregnancy? The point is there are always two sides to every coin and not a single one of us should be so presumptuous or arrogant as to assume we have the right to make those difficult decisions for others. Empathy and compassion…required courses for true Christians. I opted out of judgment and ridicule. Blessed be.

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you for this post Emily. You have pointed out the gaping flaw in the pro-choice argument. You’re either ok with killing babies or your not, and incidents like this will make it harder to evade taking a side.

  3. Adam says:

    Very good post. Salient refernce to Romans 1. When words have no meaning and people are happy to believe 6 impossible things before breakfast, appeals to rationality will fall on deaf ears.

    The naturalists/humanists (or de facto ones) are becoming more publicly vocal in following their views to the logical end-point of nihilism and the noble lie. Once they arrive, the depravity is limitless.

    The proverbial “line in the sand” becomes clearer with each passing week. Stark choices between darkness and light abound, and the stampede toward darkness intensifies.

    Remain strong and continuing to abide in the Truth.

  4. Clarence L. Smith says:

    Sort of like Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal for the 21st Century. Interesting, but I cannot tell if it is satire or a legitimate idea. There could be many secrets that could be potentially unlocked from this situation; the question is are we as a society willing to go there (sort of like the issue that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few). Life ebbs and flows. In my mind, living and breathing are far removed from actual consciousness. Most people have no memories of their lives prior to around 18 months of age. As an engineer, that is my personal benchmark to overall consciousness, where the child becomes one with God. The point of viability, if you will.

    • Adam says:

      The utilitarian ethic presents extreme challenges: who determines the greatest good for the greatest number? What some think is good may actually do the most harm, etc.

      Your definition of consciousness seems bizarre. A 1 year old doesn’t have consciousness? What does memory have to do with consciousness? Is an amnesiac or an Alzheimer’s patient not conscious?

      Swifts Proposal is satirical.

  5. Brandy says:

    I continue to appreciate your insight and well thought out “arguments “.

  6. […] If You’re Pro-Choice, the Selling of Baby Body Parts Shouldn’t Bother You. […]

  7. Rob. says:

    I want to leave a reply to all those who defend this practice of selling/harvesting human parts at the cost of human rights. I want to say so many things to you all. But I believe in a Just God and I will leave it in His hands. However you had better hope like you have never hoped for anything else that you are correct that there is either no God or that He does not care. Otherwise I pray that eternity isn’t as long as it sounds.

    • greatmom55 says:

      The title of this article is disingenuous and misleading. You can most certainly be in favor of a woman’s right to choose and not condone the selling of babies’ body parts. The author’s use of this particular phraseology is yet another way conservatives conflate two issues to try to prove a tenuous point. I do not agree with late term abortion or abortion as a means of birth control; however, there are most certainly valid reasons (rape, incest, health of the mother, to name three) that would make abortion the only viable choice for a majority of women — and they should be allowed to make that choice in consultation with their physician, without being browbeaten by religious zealots who have no knowledge of anyone’s particular personal circumstances, and who are much more concerned with their own salvation than any damage that might be left in their wake. There is gray area when dealing with this particular issue. It’s not always black and white and if you all are the Christians you profess to be, you’ll muster up enough compassion to at least admit that much.

  8. Vanessa Cherie says:

    Here is my two cents:

    God forgives women who chose to abort an unborn baby. I’m pro-life. But I should also be pro-adoption. Everyone speaks that abortion is wrong, but no one challenges or speaks of the issues that come with keeping an unwanted child. It is highly likely that in a case of a woman who is impoverished that the child ends up abused, neglected, in foster care, also a victim or rape/incest, on the streets, and sex trafficked. An upper class or even middle class woman may be able to give the child “advantages” but until you can ensure the livelihood of the child in question, do not dare judge that mother. And what sickens me is that the mother is never humanized in this situation.

    Ashley wrote, ” Also, to say that the mother was raped or could not raise a baby is saying her life is more valuable than that of an innocent child.”

    Whose to say the mom isn’t valuable? Because our hearts are wrecked and pained and rightfully angry over such a sickening act, we immediately sympathize with the child who didn’t get a voice in the matter, who couldn’t speak out.

    This isn’t to say what Planned Parenthood does and is NOW doing (selling parts) isn’t outright disturbing. This is me tired of women who are so desperate to do such a thing being called “murderers”.

    Luke 23: 33-34 (in summary) Jesus’ own people (the Jews) came to crucify Him. He was the SON of God. Completely innocent, but he was sent like a lamb to be slaughtered. He bore the sins of the entire earth. He.was.God. He could have commanded death on them right then and there and saved Himself.

    Yet still: When they came to the place called the Skull, they crucified him there, along with the criminals—one on his right, the other on his left. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”
    We are supposed act Christ-like and be like Christ in that we, “forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

    Both the mothers who abort babies and the men who crucified Jesus consciously CHOSE to do what they did yet somehow Jesus asked God to forgive the greatest murder of all time. On his death bed essentially. It was one of His last prayers!!!!!!

    Yes, we should pray for this organization. We should pray for our country and the mothers and our legal system. I’m in much agreement that this country is so desensitized that casually selling these baby’s bodies don’t strike a cord with the people doing it. I know that the blog post was less focused on the mom’s and more focused on PP but I just had to write this.

    I just believe that forgiveness and compassion is also pro life. Look up how Jesus talks about “life”. I believe God has a plan and shows mercy and I believe those unborn babies are in heaven. Mass genocides happen around the world, unarmed black people are being shot left and right, people are getting shot regardless, terrible murders are happening everywhere. That should equally upset us. It’s okay to be passionate about a specific cause but if we’re gonna talk pro life than please talk about after the birth options. It’s easy to say “abortion is wrong” and act all passionate about God’s cause. But if you (“you” speaking generally) really were passionate than by all means adopt, open safe houses, donate money to mom’s in need, etc. Opening your hearts and arms and doors to people in difficult situations is the hard stuff.

    • Janessa says:

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  9. John says:

    You ignore in this post that Planned Parenthood does not actually sell fetal tissue, it just facilitates donations from women to firms who distribute the tissue among research scientists. The money paid to Planned Parenthood is to cover the costs associated with preserving and transporting the fetal tissue. The firms that distribute the fetal tissue, which are not related to Planned Parenthood, do profit off of this sale in a highly regulated market under federal law. Different types of tissue have different levels of demand for their research value and so a market situation is inevitable, but it is highly regulated.

    That being said, fetal tissue is an invaluable resource in scientific inquiry. The polio vaccine was developed using fetal liver tissue from an elective abortion. So too were the vaccines for hepatitis A, measles, chickenpox and rabies In 2014 alone, 97 universities received $250 million in grants for fetal tissue related research. The most interesting areas of research include HIV and Alzheimer’s disease, the disease that took my grandfather’s life.

    Elective abortion is a difficult ethical issue that countless women have to consider when carrying an unwanted pregnancy. But instead of arguing about abstractions of what is human and what is not, consider the work of scientists using fetal tissue from elective abortions that have saved millions of autonomous, born, human beings from sickness, suffering and death. Consider that ongoing research into Alzheimer’s Disease using fetal tissue may very well save my father, me and my children from the hideous disease that took my grandfather, his father and his father.

    Even if you accept the proposition that elective abortion is a moral wrong, even though you have never yourself experienced an unwanted pregnancy in any circumstance, you should at least narrowly praise Planned Parenthood and research scientists for doing an incredible amount of good from the products of an unfortunate situation.

  10. boomslang says:

    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ quoted Deitrich Bonhoeffer passage

    If silence in the face of evil is evil, itself, then the clear-thinking among us instantly see that the protagonist and central figure described in the Bible is the epitome of evil. Yes, if that quote has merit, then “Yahweh” is evil, personified. The Christian “God” – assuming that this individual has a referent in reality for sake of discussion – has sat silently in the face of evil since the inception of earthlings, and he has (presumably) witnessed more evil than all humans put together. He’s omnipresent, after all, and for that reason, this takes evil to whole new level. This so-called “God” could prevent evil, or at least lessen it, but chooses not to. Why? Because he’s “mysterious”.

    And not to act is to act? Interesting, considering that “God” sits by with arms folded as children are raped and molested and beaten around the clock. Children starve to death around. the. clock. And how is this reconciled? How is this atrocious inaction justified? By saying things such as “we cannot understand the mysteries of God”; by saying that “God” is justified in allowing evil and suffering “for His glory”.

    If we entertain the quote and it’s true that inaction is to act, then I contend that “God” is acting like an immoral jerk of monumental proportions. Let’s face it, this is what we’d call any other full capable individual who stood by and watched children get raped, but did nothing. But of course, “God” gets a free pass by pure virtue of being “GOD”.

    It is inane arguments such as these that quite frankly lead me to believe that Christian apologetics are their own sort of evil.

    • greatmom55 says:

      Thanks for articulating this so very well. I’m afraid it will fall on deaf ears but you expressed it so perfectly.

      • boomslang says:

        Thanks. As for falling on deaf ears, yes and no. Yes, there are certainly those who have zero intentions of entertaining the thought that everything they’ve ever known could be wrong. But then again, there are also honest seekers out there who may be experiencing doubt who may be peering into these discussions. I know this because I was one of them.

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